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Airsoft APS Scorpion ACP607 Custom - CO2

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Descrição do Produto

APS Scorpion Dual Power Pistol Top ACP607

Scorpion D Mod Pistol
Looking for a hand gun outstanding from the original? A cyber looking pistol that comes with CNC light weighted slide, straight trigger, speed reload mags and cool coloring features are now available in Q2 2016.

1) For the slide, it is made by CNC.

Matte Black Slide with Hot Red Color combination is the trademark of this pistol.

The pattern on the slide and the engraved scorpion logo on the top as well as on the rear cover makes this pistol really looks a product made by Alien.

2) For the frame, it is standard comes with hand made stippling.

Griping of this pistol is comfortable.

Magazine release button is enlarged which is easier to reach by user.

The lower front comes with MIL-STD 1913 rail allows you to mount accessories like laser, or flashlight.

3) For the trigger, it is standard comes with straight trigger, compare to traditional curved trigger, you don’t need to move your finger to the crest of the curved trigger when shooting, therefore, your finger can be lower on the trigger which increase mechanical advantages and make it feel like a lighter trigger pull.

4) For the Mags, the sides of the mags are pitted.

It reduced the friction when you insert the mags.

With the use of magwell, the loading of the mags is smooth and fast.

To conclude, APS Scorpion D-Mod Pistol is a cool hand gun that barely found in the market.

It inherited all the advance features come with its relative Dragonfly and Spyder Pistol.

The gun has a sci-fi looks, the black and red color is perfectly and match.

If you are searching for a pistol that is out of ordinary, APS Scorpion D-Mod pistol is your choice.

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