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Airsoft Tokyo Marui Glock 17 Gas Blowback2

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Descrição do Produto

Airsoft Tokyo Marui Glock 17 Gas Blowback

Adopted (rail integrated) frame new Reirudo is to enable the installation of option class that is indispensable to (= close combat art) CQB that a lot of attention in recent years, the pursuit of better gripping by human engineering.

It was reproduced faithfully were minor changes in line with the evolution of CQB, a Glock 17 of the current style.

Feelings in texture and frame weight of 703g the same as the real thing, I reproduce the SAFETY gimmick or trigger each part shape.

In the pursuit of reality overall, I am creating and feeling of operation Glock 17 has a grip feel as if you were to hand the real thing.

Rail de frame of 3rd Generation Style: The frame under rail of 20mm width can be installed in light indispensable to CQB equipment are integrated, I has a thumb rest and finger channel that allows the gripping always the best .

Lanyards link: The lanyards link rear of the grip, I can connect the (string = assume) lanyards to prevent dropping or loss.

I finish in matte black that held the reflection of the light frame and slide, each part looks to other eye: matte black finish.

It is equipped with a gimmick that by resting position of the trigger, and easily determine whether a state body is capable of firing: Dell cocking indicator.

Night site included: In addition to the front / rear site of normal type that is built into the body, and are packed with night luminous type of site.

The luminous noctilucent phosphorescent pigment by irradiating with light a dot portion was used for dot absorbs the light.

It is a model slide is retracted swiftly at the same time as the launch, was reproduced in the intense recoil when firing the force of appearance: blowback of the force.

Real size magazine: 25 Number of magazine capacity development, magazine realistic die-cast is attached.

■ variable hop up system deployment ■ semi-auto only (single) launch

Total length
186 mm

(If you install a empty magazine) 703 g

6mm BB

Gun height
97 mm

Power source
HFC134a gas (※ 1)

(One shot if you have loaded into the main body) 25 + one shot

Type name

※ 1: Please use a dedicated "gun power HFC134a gas".

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